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Mayan Culture

The Mayan civilization was among the original cultures of the New World and spanned more than 3, 000 years. The Mayans lived mainly on the Yucatan Peninsula in the eastern one third of Mesoamerica and at its peak had one of the most densely populated and culturally dynamic societies in the world. Mayan culture is known for its spectacular art, impressive architecture, and sophisticated mathematical and astronomical systems which were all way ahead of their time.  Mayan scripture is the only known fully developed written language of the pre-Columbian Americas.


Today, some of these wonders are still preserved and can be seen in very good condition. Visiting these sites allows you to transport you to those times and learn about this interesting culture.  Some of the archeological sites recommended are:

The Coba, archaeological site hidden deep in the jungle that is home to the tallest pyramid in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Tulum offers the perfect combination of culture and adventure in contact with the nature of the Riviera Maya. You could know the heart of the Mayan jungle on an amazing zip line circuit and the ruins of Tulum with stunning scenery of the Caribbean.


The Archeological site of Chichen Itza, built in the post—classical period was one of the main settlements temple of Quetzacoatl, or Kukulcan, the feathered serpent god of Maya mythology. This temple is very famous for the phenomenon of shadows presented in the spring and autumn equinoxes. Chichen Itza is considered a World Heritage Site and was voted one of the new Seven Wonders of the World in 2007.