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6 Spa Treatments You Should Try For The Best Luxury Resort Vacation

Check out some of the best spa treatments and rituals for couples to enjoy in their All Inclusive vacation in Playa Mujeres.

A luxury vacation in the Caribbean is not just about the peace and tranquility that you get by being on the beach. If you want to satisfy your sense to a whole new level then you may want to try out some remedies, treatments, massages, and rituals in the resort's spa facilities.  

But what should you try out first? What are some of the best spa treatments to experience in Playa Mujeres? What does each treatment involve?

To help answer these questions let us go over six luxury spa treatments that you can try out in Beloved Playa Mujeres resort so you can pick out a few for your next Mexican vacation.

1. Soak up the sensations of “Agua Viva”

Agua Viva or “living water” is all about wellness through water treatments and hydrotherapy. Healing your mind and body through water goes back to ancient times and remains an effective way of refreshing your aches and pains and comforting your mental anxieties. 

The Agua Viva is a journey through a guided circuit of treatments that includes water exercises, jet massages, cascades, iced pools, ice rooms, biothermic or sensational showers, and Arab style steam baths. By the end of the full circuit, your muscles and joints are relaxed and your mind will be at peace. 

Water relaxation in Beloved Spa

2. Restore yourself with “The Cure Ritual”

As an essential part of Beloved Spa's “BE Healed” rituals, The Cure is a 100 minute body, face, and soul therapy that uses the richness of organic remedies in a mindfulness approach to your inner beauty. Accentuating what is already there, it starts off with a soft organic loofah scrub infused with spirulina, borage, and coconut foams to soak into your skin. 

This ritual then proceeds to give you an organic facial that uses sweet olive gommage, cotton, turmeric, Gotu kola extracts which then goes on to include a volcanic obsidian detox and a calming mask, combined with a synchronized auric facial massage.

This ritual may just be the cure you need to enhance your charms, soothe your skin, and let your worries fade away in the process.  

3. Stay refreshed with a “Citrus Anti Aging Ritual”

Everyone wants the fountain of youth. The idea of staying young forever has enticed men and women around the world for centuries. Though this fictional fountain was never found, the Citrus Anti Aging Ritual may be the next best thing. 

As part of Beloved Spa's “Be Wellness” line of spa treatments, this ritual is all about being the best you that you can be. With an antioxidant facial and body treatment, you can revitalize your being with citric sensations.

It all starts off by exfoliating your skin with lime and mandarin infusions and following up with a souffle mask and then it finalizes the process with a full facial treatment. The C in citrus will also bring you 100 minutes of comfort, calmness, and collective contentment.

4. Be the best you with a “Beautifulness Facial”

Be you, be blissful and be beautiful. We all want to look good and to look our best from time to time. It boosts our mental health when we feel that we are indeed attractive and visually engaging.

In the “Be Beautiful” line of Beloved Spa´s treatments, you find this 75 minute facial that is catered to your stunning visage.  Indulge in a blend of aroma, sound, and touch during this elemental treatment that provides you with the protective and regenerating properties of organic ingredients.

From facial massages to volcanic detoxes, this facial is designed to rejuvenate your glow so you can walk out of the spa at the end of the activity looking mighty fine. 

5. Experience the ancient “Mayan Ritual”

Feel like your body and mind are connected to the earth and sky in this experiential treatment that is part of Beloved Spas “Be Holistic” line. With origins in ancient rituals and Mayan medicine, this ritual adds some contemporary twists to help you awaken your intuition and self healing. 

The 100 minute treatment starts with a body poultice, cataplasm, or paste of black mud, juniper, and rosemary to detox your whole being and reduce chronic muscle pains and tensions. Then, you can quiet your thoughts with a scalp massage and sound vibrations that help you to calm your mental activity. Finally, a massage infused with sage, ginger, and lavender completes the ritual awakening your senses to serenity.

Spa ritual in Beloved Playa Mujeres

6. Embrace the “Organic Renewal Hair Ritual”

With a general focus on mind and body, sometimes we can forget that our hair needs care too. In the “Be Perfect” line of Beloved Spa, we find this 50 minute dive into pampering and attention to your hair and surrounding features. 

With organic elixirs blended into a detoxifying herbal shampoo, not only does this treatment thoroughly clean your hair and scalp but it revives the pores of your hair as well. Adding essential oil elements chosen specifically for your hair type and hair needs, this ritual will rehydrate, protect and nourish your head. This aids in combating the effects of the chlorine, salt, and sunshine that can change how your hair looks and feels during your Caribbean vacation.  

In this treatment, you will get to enjoy the full relaxing benefits of a scalp massage, a personalized hair mask, and then a shoulders, neck, hands, and feet massage with jojoba oils.

What other spa treatments can you try out?

The treatments and rituals mentioned in this article are but just a few select options out of the multitude that can be enjoyed in your favorite luxury resort. For a full list of everything that you can enjoy in Beloved Spa, you should check out their extensive treatment menu and see what each line of wellness rituals has to offer for you or your partner. 

With a facility that caters to couples and is focused on love, you can make your next vacation one full of mindfulness, recovery, and heavenly healing for both you and your other half.

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