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Did You Know That You Can Avoid Jet Lag When Traveling to Cancun?

Find out how jet lag can be avoided when traveling and how to lessen its effects for an even more enjoyable vacation in Cancun.

If you are traveling to an All Inclusive resort in the Caribbean then jet lag probably won't be a large concern since you are staying in a retreat catered to your rest, relaxation, and recovery. But what if you have just enjoyed a wonderful escape in a tropical destination and now you are headed home? What can you do to avoid feeling overly tired from your travels?

Come and discover with us how you can make your journey more enjoyable and how you can lessen the after effects of a long flight. 

What is jet lag and what actually causes it?

Jet lag can have varying effects on different people but the most common and consistent effect is the feeling of daytime sleepiness or tiredness and struggling to fall asleep at night. This is caused by the altering and disturbance of your normal sleep patterns which occur during long flights through different time zones. 

Jet Lag from traveling to the Caribbean

Therefore if you are traveling from somewhere like Florida to Mexico, this is not likely going to be something that affects you. However, if you are taking connecting flights or are traveling from a long way away then you may find yourself getting a little bit of jet lag from the journey. 

All of us have a body clock also known as circadian rhythms. These are physical, physiological, and behavioral changes that work on a 24 hour cycle and respond to the light and dark of our surroundings. Since we are used to a regular pattern within our own time zone, when we quickly cross several different time zones in rapid succession, our circadian rhythms can be slightly out of sync and may need a little bit of time to catch up. 

Are you likely to get Jet Lag in Playa Mujeres, Cancun?

This really depends on where you are traveling from. With the knowledge that jet lag usually starts to occur when traveling by plane through at least two different time zones, we can calculate the likelihood of receiving any type of jet lag during your travels.

Playa Mujeres in Cancun, Mexico abides by Eastern standard time (GMT-5) which means the likely following outcomes:

  • Travelers from central or eastern USA or Canada: No jet Lag 
  • Travelers from western USA or Canada: Possibility of some minor jet lag
  • Travelers from Europe and other continents: Probable jet lag

Can you prevent vacation jet lag?

Yes and no. Jet lag is a normal and natural occurrence that unfortunately cannot be completely prevented in all circumstances because all of us need a good night's sleep and if we don't get our usual sleep then our bodies start to have a little less energy to spare.

There is some great news, however! Firstly, you can avoid jet lag by changing how you travel. If you fly short distances or within the same relative time zone, you will not likely get any jet lag. 

Secondly, whilst jet lag cannot be avoided completely if traveling a long distance via plane through different time zones, the after effects can be lessened to a degree if you make sure to do a few things. Let us take a look and see what they are. 

6 tips on how to recover from jet lag when traveling

What is the best way to recover from jet lag? Well, there are actually several things you can do to reduce the lethargy and refresh your energy quickly. 

1) Spend some time outdoors

Some fresh air always does you some good. However more than that the natural light of the outdoors naturally helps your body to adjust to the time. 

2) Avoid daytime napping

One of the first secrets to a quick recovery from jet lag is to avoid sleeping during the day. If it is nighttime then you should sleep. In this way, your body clock can better adjust to the new time zone. You can also prepare ahead of time by sleeping as per your destination's time zone even before you leave. 

3) Set your alarm for the morning

Make sure that the night you go to sleep you set an alarm for a reasonable time so that you can avoid oversleeping into the day. 

4) Limit your caffeine and alcohol intake

Dehydration is known to worsen the effects of jetlag. Therefore you should avoid consuming items that contain caffeine or alcohol as these dehydrate your body. 

5) Try and stretch when traveling

During your flight, you can lessen the effects of future jetlag by stretching and walking around the plane a little bit during your flight. 

6) Drink lots of water

Hydration helps your body adjust so you should keep drinking lots of water throughout the day. 

Drinking a glass of water to stay hydrated on vacation

Is there a cure for jet lag you can take?

Jetlag is not an illness. Rather, it is a temporary sleep problem that is normal for your body. Some people try to overcome jetlag in Cancun with medications and other treatments but scientific studies have yet to show significant evidence of this working.

The best way to get through a little bit of jetlag, therefore, is to get a good night's rest, avoid oversleeping, and just go about your day as normal. Within a short while you will be back to normal, reinvigorated with your full energy and ready to enjoy everything that Playa Mujeres has to offer.  

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