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Should You Book a Swim up Suite, a Private Pool, or a Plunge Pool For Your Romantic Getaway?

What kind of pool is best for a couples vacation in the Caribbean? Explore the types of pools and suites you can enjoy and find the right one for you.

It's great when you find a hotel that you really like. When you come across that perfect getaway for your romantic retreat you are probably thinking about booking your room. But as you open up the hotel page and go to see their luxury suites, you suddenly realize that there are quite a lot of options to choose from and they all offer different pool types.

So which one should you choose? Which pool would be best for an intimate escape as a couple?

Do not fret for we are going to take a look at this subject together so that you know exactly what each suite pool means and what kind of experience it offers.

What is a plunge pool?

Originally a plunge pool would refer to a small oasis created at the base of a waterfall. This would be a little place where you could bathe since the water had eroded the rock away to create a small pool. Plunge pools now however refer to a very compact swimming pool. How big are they?

Romantic suite with a plunge pool in Playa Mujeres

Usually plunge pools are around the size of a large jacuzzi. They are used for exercising, for relaxing in and to help you cool off in the hot sun. A plunge pool is small enough to be included within the privacy of your suite terrace so that you get it all to yourselves. It should be noted, however, that whilst plunge pools are a lovely addition, the depth and length are not designed for swimming. 

To plunge means to thrust yourself into which is what you can do with these pools which is why they are not referred to as swimming pools. With this nice addition, you can jump in the water whenever you want and keep cool in the Caribbean sunshine. 

What is a private pool?

A private pool is a swimming pool that you do not have to share with anyone but the person staying with you. These are permanent pools that have been built into the ground right next to your suite that only you have access to and permission to use.

Private pool suite for couples in Beloved Playa Mujeres

No more worrying about who else is at the pool. It's all yours. Unlike the plunge pools, private pool suites are designed to be a place where you can swim comfortably. It obviously will not be as big as the public pools of your resort but it is a decent size for you and your significant other. 

Spend the day at the pool with the person you love without ever leaving your suite premises. Share the experience just with each other with all the benefits that come with a plunge pool but with a lot more space to enjoy.

What is a swim up suite?

This is actually one of the most popular options. A swim up suite does not give you the same level of independence as a plunge pool or private pool but it does offer something quite different. Many guests want to enjoy the open freedom of the main resort pools since they give a lot more swimming space in comparison to the private options. 

Luxury swim up suite in a couples only hotel in Playa Mujeres

So what if you could swim around one of the large pools and then swim right up to the deck of your suite? Well, that is exactly what a swim up suite is all about. It puts you on the bottom floor adjacent to the swimming pool so that you have a space to relax that parallels the water.

You can step outside your doors, lounge around on the terrace overlooking the pool, and then slide right into the water. Once you finish, there is no walk back to your suite, you hop out of the water and you are back in your suite

Which suite option should you book?

OK, now you know what each pool is all about, but which one suits you best? Here is the brief rundown to help you make a decision…

  • If you are looking for somewhere you can just sit and relax and enjoy cooling off in the hot sun together, then the plunge pool option is going to be all that you need.
  • If you desire an intimate space where you can be yourself and swim in the pool all by yourselves then the private pool suites will give you the seclusion and serenity you seek. 
  • If you fancy being able to make the most of the larger pools and swim around in a more open area, then the swim up suite is going to be the most practical and enjoyable option for you both. 

Where can you find these suites? 

So have you made your decision? Great! Now it's time to go and book that dream escape that you both deserve. For the ultimate couple's vacation with the pool type of your choice, you should have a look at Beloved Playa Mujeres.

Overview of the pools in Beloved Playa Mujeres

With Swim up suites, suites with plunge pools, and suites with private pools, you can get the accommodations you desire. Not only that but each of the couple's suites also comes with their very own in suite jacuzzi. 

Check out the suites for yourself and book something that you will both enjoy!

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